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Greg Steinbeck

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Greg is the 2001 Formula F-125 Champion on his Honda MT125R with a first at Deland 2002 in F125 and a crash DNF on the first lap at Daytona. Greg was the 2001 Dixie Cup and Masters of the Mid-West Champ in Formula 125 (on a Honda of course)!!! .... He rode Tim Mings' superhawk at Daytona after Deb had to back out for a visit to the local hospital........ The Team call him monkey man for the way he can hang off of his bike.

Greg and Steve Brown, Daytona Greg and Steve at Daytona Greg on Tim Mings's superhawk at Daytona On Tims superhawk at Daytona '02
Greg on his 125 - F125 On his 125
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