TEAM Team: Guilty X Association

Introducing... Team GBA

Presently there are 22 team members of the race team TeamGBA (Team Guilty By Association). Johnny Staska is one of our top riders. The associate team members include Bob Hansen of TEAM HANSEN, Mark McGrew of M3 RACING, Kent Riches of AIRTECH, Larry Langley of PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSION, Adam Popp who has done very well in the top bunch & Johnny Staska (Johnny the jet). These are some of the top names in the premier 500 and clubman class. Of course we also have Brent Hensley, Tim Mings, Steve Brown, Bob Gerberich and Greg Steinbeck - all of whom are well known in top level classic racing.


  • Premier 500
  • 500 Sportsman
  • 350GP
  • 350 Sportsman
  • 200GP
  • Formula 125
  • BOT Formula 2
  • BOT Formula 3
  • Lightweight production
  • Heavyweight Production
  • Formula 750 - Classic Racing

brent hooking it in
For Love of the Sport