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CB450 Drixton

Brent's 450 Honda Drixton Racing mode Brent's 450 Honda Drixton CB450 Honda

Serious offers please for this Drixton CB450 built as a high bred roadracer raced for about 15 years. The frame was built by Dave Dresda in England then shipped to the U.S. with Ferraci building the engine and Todd Henning completing the bike. It later came into the hands of Rick Doughty, owner of Vintage Iron. Rick raced the bike in AHRMA and used it to win the BMW Iron Man Award 4 consecutive years. It was sold to a motorcycle collector in Los Angeles where I found it in 1999. He never raced the bike during the year he owned it.

I raced the bike in AHRMA for several years powered by Todd Henning engines until he was hurt in a racing accident. Todd's machinist Bob Gerberich (B&L Motorcycles, Wadsworth, OH) took over supplying Henning Spec CB500T racing engines. This Drixton has a new Bob Gerberich built motor.

During 2003, I sponsored one of the fastest riders on the planet, Johnny "the Jet" Staska of Fargo, North Dakota in conjunction with Mark McGrew of M3 Racing to race the Drixton. M3 Racing rebuilt the bike to a high pedigree roadracer. First race at Gratten had Staska for the win by 3 seconds over Pat Mooney on his No. 1 Norton. It was the last time a Honda has won an AHRMA 500 Premier race. The race was witnessed by Bob Hansen and Terry Naughton.

We put a fresh motor in from Gerberich for the next race at Barber with Johnny planning on racing the Drixton and M3 Racing's CR750. Time constraints for the CR750 put the Drixton on its stand the rest of the weekend. The bike has been sitting ever since.

The frame is powdered coated black with a steel, rectangular boxed rear swingarm that is also black. The front fork tree is black aluminum of unknown origin. The Tachometer is a mechanical drive Smith. The clipons are aluminum.

Front forks are modern Honda VTR forks that have RaceTech Springs and valving with specifications from M3 Racing. The rear shocks are one-off Works Shocks built for M3 Racing for this specific bike.

The front hub is from a Yamaha TZ350 with the brakes set-up by Vintage Brake that personally dialed and tuned the brakes with the wheel and hub together. The rear hub is a Honda CB450T that has also been tuned by Vintage Brake. The front and rear rims are Akront WM2 to fit Dunlop race tires. The wheels were laced by Woody Wheel Works in Denver, CO.

The shifter, foot pegs and brackets are adjustable and aliminum. It is setup for GP shift pattern but can be reversed. The rear brake is cable driven. The aluminum tank is of unknown original but original with some racing dent. The seat body is a bubble design and made of fiberglass. The seat is vinyl. The fairing is also a Yamaha design that AirTech has copied. The bubble is from Gustafson who has my personal bubble design still on file and easily replaceable.

After Todd was permanently disabled from his racing accident, I relied on Todd's machinist Bob Gerberich in Wadsworth, OH to build all of my engines that turned out to be much more reliable than Todd's motors. The engine is a high performance, high compression 500T motor that is 520cc with about 65 hp. The head is highly modified for the best flow and has coil springs and dual plug head. The cam is adjustable from Megacams. The ignition is a total loss system that requires bump starting the bike. The dual headers are also one-off and designed by a well know pipe builder here in Southern California. There are several unique parts such as the exhaust header brackets and special oil cap breather that are aluminum from Franco in Italy. It also has Franco's chain drive oil pump. The oil catch reservoir is custom made aluminum. It was a brand new engine then parked at Barber.

It has won several show bike awards including Del Mar in its best condition. Someone could easily begin racing the bike. The best way for you to see the bike is to go to our website at Click on Members and go to Brent Hensley and view the various photos of the Drixton in full race mode and the other pictures of some of my bikes. You should check out the other member's bikes as well for some great Honda racers.

I am also interested in selling my perfect '65 C110 in white; CB450 Premier 500 Red and White & Blue racer; and my CB500T "Bubba Shobert" XR750 Honda Dirt/Street tracker that you can also see on Brent

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